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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, pomposity, smugness and especially groupthink. good night from washington and have a happy couple of days from the people you love. sean hannity is next. ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. we have all the angles and new information covered tonight. first we have long reported on this program, going back through 2007. yes, journalism is dead. and also the mainstream media mob is nothing more than an arm of the extreme radical democratic party. and basically they are like one and the same. remember, manufactured crisis, they use the same words. tonight we have more proof. tonight a journalist who writes
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for "the huffington post" ." he took to twitter to express his outrage. according to ali, she tried to intimidate him. not on behalf of nbc news, but on behalf of the democratic party. now, ollie wrote that the misconduct was highly inappropriate and unethical. she wanted the reporter to hold off on publishing the dates of an upcoming primary, not to help nbc, not so her network could do it for a spot so that the dnc could inform state party leaders. why is she advocating for them? he said she was calling to bully me into a publication on an innocuous group. it was only about the dnc.
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she reminded ali that she was a national security reporter at "the washington post" for ten years, and they would hold things all the time. so how can comcast, they are the powerful parent company of nbc news, allow this kind of corruption in its ranks? just like a whole news channel full of tin foil hot conspiracy theories? i have a very important question for everybody watching at home. are you at all shocked that nbc news is working on behalf of the dnc? how many times have i said since oh seven, journalism is dead and buried? right now their credibility frankly could not get any worse. after all, the two plus years, and they literally now have been shown to be liars.
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that's every week, month and year. and now their audience, they are leaving in droves. look at this. >> sean: >> president trump: tha bosses, bad people. the crooked journalist, the totally dishonest tv pundits. and by the way, they know it's not true. they just got great ratings. by the way, the ratings dropped through the floor last night. >> sean: if they had their audiences every single day and a night on the edge of their seats, coming, coming soon. it's definitely happening. and, the mueller report ended all of that. what you saw is the most dramatic precipitous drop in audience with tin foil hot
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conspiracy tv msnbc, fake news cnn, and hundreds of thousands of viewers. the media of course wanted this president to be guilty of treason. they wanted him to fail spectacularly. they still do. that's why they are still remanding that the mueller report be released in full. >> why would he lie when he knows he is releasing it and no one will see it? pretty bizarre. >> we don't have them mueller report, they are covering up at this point. this guy is not recused and it feels like a cover-up.
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you are hiding behind donald trump's own roy cohn who squeezes together a couple of sentence fragments and puts it in a letter, while trying to keep from the american people the mueller report. >> they completely said no evidence of collusion, just like the fbi said and the house until said, just like the bipartisan senate committee said. for the fourth time, no evidence of collusion. but the media that hates trump with rage, the mob, they desperately want the full mueller report release. but they never asked that the phis applications into carter page released. they never talk about that either. real russian interference in an election, after they rigged an investigation into their favorite candidate, and they
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thought she should win 100 million to zero and that we smell walmart voters that are air pourable deplorable. the closed-door testimony, that's all going to be coming out. the transcripts we got from paige and peter strzok and christopher steele. they don't want a full and fair clinton email investigation. they don't care if there is a dual system of justice, no equal justice under the law. no equal application under the laws. we don't care if they follow the constitution, they don't want an investigation into this rampant abuse of power. when none the media, they find a line and cling to that. like it's a matter from heaven.
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and, no evidence of any instant obstruction for a crime that was never committed any way. i spoiler alert, new narrative, is a lie. as pointed out last night on this program by rush limbaugh. >> we are being led to believe that this report does contain evidence of collusion. barr is lying about it. if it contains evidence and collusion, then where is mueller on television all night? saying, wait a minute. my report has plenty of evidence of collusion but i had all these anti-hillary people on my staff. why isn't mueller doing that if barr is lying about the report? >> breaking tonight, like he said in his four-page letter last week, he is going to release the mueller report mid-april, if not sooner.
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and there are no plans to release the report to the white house for privilege review which by the way i think is a mistake. that's apparently because they know there is nothing to hide and all the media lying and all the speculation, you know what? it is dead wrong. and barr said he planned to release it. so why would he send out words that would be contradicted to when he released it. they would demand he was fired. bad news for the media and great news for the country. they never report about the success of the president and the records that he broke. so without a doubt, a momentous week, not only for the president but also for this country because, you know what? we came dangerously close and are
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one. >> they had a few nasty facts in there, i'm ready to slam it down their throat. because we have an 87 page report which we will use, and
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some things that the special counsel did that i think they won't want people to hear. they acted in ways that are rage me as a person who cares about justice. >> sean: you know, let's start with the team that was appointed to, how do you justify only democratic -- how do you justify hiring hillary clinton's attorney? and, tens of thousands of encounters lost their jobs, and that was overturned by the fifth circuit. how does somebody like that get chosen in this? i have a big problem, mr. mayor, with that. >> you should have a big problem. it's outrageous and it should not happen again.
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i have great respect for bob mueller, this is a fair guy. he picked the staff that he picked and he kind of lost his mind. you don't pick a counsel to the investigation. anymore than if i were investigating hillary, i would pick counsel for the trump foundation. and, wiseman is probably the most notorious prosecutor you can find. he charged noncrimes. he charged people with things that are not crimes. well, he has done that in this case. obstruction, that's his crazy theory. not a legitimate theory, and the prosecution of cohen with campaign fraud. >> sean: last quick question, and by the way nobody that
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should be questioning -- i know your legal background. you are in the southern district of new york, and you have prosecuted some of the toughest mob guys in the country. why waive executive privilege? why wouldn't -- i don't think that should happen, maybe i have no idea what i'm talking about. >> if there is any kind of privilege is asserted, it will be, once there, what's there? i can't give executive privilege, i can only give you the opinion of this private lawyer. i don't care what they put out. he didn't collude to, and he didn't obstruct. and i can prove it. so give me what you got and i will knock it out of the ballpark. that's the truth. >> sean: 87 pages, your report, i want to see it. >> i hope i don't have to use eight. he didn't collude to, i didn't obstruct. if grow up guys, it's like
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getting used to the fact he got elected. calm down and adjust to the real world. >> sean: i want to see that and i want to see the phis application. >> i guarantee -- thank you for being with us. the great one, mark live in is about to give us a history lesson, and his commentary. you don't want to miss this, next. ♪ our grandparents checked their smartphones zero times a day.
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>> sean: joining us now, author of the upcoming book, "unfreedom of liberty of the press." nationally syndicated radio
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host, i call him the great one. for good reason, mark levine. great one, thank me. this has been such a revealing week. the funny thing to me is, barr says, as i had planned the whole time and said so i will be releasing the entire mueller report, and all of a sudden, hope, he was wrong. how do you explain this hatred, rage, lying to an audience on a spectacular level? >> i've been thinking about this, how all this came to be and, i thought, you know what? we have seen something like this has been here before in history. he's used the irs against his political opponents, and tried to destroy him.
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and he wasn't even happy that they got him on some penalty. he was considered a very dangerous opponent, who had been the governor of louisiana. he told his secretary of louisiana to go after him. they went after him and he almost got him but he was assassinated so that's how that ended. when you look at the administration of john kennedy which we are not apparently allowed to look at, called camelot. he used the internal revenue service and gives the fbi. nobody knew that better than ben bradley who will become the top dog at "the washington post," but then he was working at "newsweek" because jfk shared irs information with his opponents. they shared fbi files with ben bradley.
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ben bradley never reported any of that. if you look at lyndon johnson, they did the same thing. candidly put taps on martin luther king's phones. they learned all about martin luther king's life. they are concerned with any opponents with any party. he also had access to fbi files. linda johnson tapped the phones. he wanted to know what he was saying about the vietnam war. he knew what goldwater was planning, so they knew what was going on there, too. i will tell you what's interesting about all this. the media did not give a.
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these are the practices of democrat administrations, and, they supported the great society and were in love with camelot. but nixon, they hated. so one of the impeachment charges had to do with using the irs. , "the washington post," the same "washington post," the same ben bradley who had access the internal revenue information and fbi files as a result of kenned kennedy, they went after him. but why -- they viewed the tea party as a threat. the white house was immune, and the media generally dismissed it. we have barack obama which
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unleash the same fbi against a reporter for "the new york times," who he thought was undermining his administration. and they surveilled up to 20 associated press reporters. we have never seen anything like this in modern history. obama was fundamentally transforming america and that is what they wanted. now of course the house democrats, they learned a lot from their democratic party pass. what are they going after, the president's taxes. the way fdr went after mellon's taxes and hughley longs texas. and the way that lyndon johnson,
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the democrat party is a long, sickening history of using the irs and the fbi the way that the fbi and department of justice was used against a candidate trump and al president trump and this is what i want to get to. this all occurred in the obama administration. it defies logic and reason to believe the president of the united states back then, barack obama, knew nothing. they had independent rogue operators in loretta lynch. and all the top brass of the fb fbi. mr. brennan and mr. klapper and the rest of them. obama and his staff had every finger in every department. the general information about this effort to destroy the
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candidate of the republican party and then the president-elect was in the media, because the fbi was leaking like a sieve. and what i'm suggesting to you right now is that there was this fast operation within the obama administration. hyper unmasking of individuals over there in the intelligence agencies. the aggressive use of the fbi including putting spies into the campaign of the republican candidate for president of the united states, including using opposition research handed to the fbi from the hillary clinton campaign, watched through a few surrogates. they had a person over and the deputy attorney general's office with connections to the very operation that was doing that. and now we have the democratic party doing everything they can to make sure there is no focus on the corruption or scandal, and the fact of the matter is, donald trump is a victim. he's not the perpetrator.
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look how smooth is that are. they abuse the unmasking system. obama is not investigated, he's -- she's not investigated, and the target and the victim is the one who investigated it. what would it be, 35 years ago. information came out of the old soviet union because you know, the gates fell down and the information came out. there was a reporter in britain who dug through some of the information and found something incredible. he found evidence, paper. documentary evidence for those of you who like to talk about
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mr. muller. and that's the equivalent of the dna. for ten ted kennedy, contactine kgb and the kremlin to try to figure out, to defeat ronald reagan his reelection effort. not in "the new york times" ," d and, the documents are a memo, and it's available for anyone to see. they are thinking about running again, and he had contacted back channels the soviet government. they were trying to figure out kennedy and his people, how to defeat ronald reagan who was enormously popular. kennedy gave them some the idea that some could come to the united states. what the press do with that?
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we have real collusion there. the line of the senate. the man who they really wanted on the left, and in the media to be president of the united states, that are colluding to be communist soviet apparatchiks. there was no hearing in congress, no special counsel, no reports on cnn or msnbc or anywhere else. another story that you might laugh at in the audience, let me give you a little bit of histor history. they even made a big play. they went to puerto rico to watch hamilton and they go to broadway to watch hamilton and the tickets cost a fortune. and they love hamilton. okay, fine. it may upset them enormously. when george washington was president, two of its cabinet members -- hamilton was his treasury secretary,
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thomas jefferson was the secretary of state. war broke out between britain and france. a party of jefferson favored france and the party of hamilton favor britain. there weren't formal parties back then but they became settled. while what happened? president, george washington wanted to remain neutral. he told his cabinet, we are neutral, we are not getting involved in this. it really serves in many respects as as a spy for the british, to inform the british and what the president of the united states was thinking on his diplomatic plans. he undermined the secretary of state, thomas jefferson, who decided to resign he was so furious about it. and, if they gave one to hamilton, they might as well give one to trump. >> first of all, we've known each other for so many years. this is why we call you the great one.
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the history lesson is really important. donna care. you talk about america being of post-constitutional. it's great to have this perspective and it's taken a long time to peel back the layers of this onion. you've got loretta lynch on tarmac. you we are taking orders from, you are right, obama's doj. and now we have the nellie ohr issue. we know hillary's investigation,
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the fisa court was lied to repeatedly. and fraud was committed. they tried to bludgeon ironically this president before and after and then take them out with russian documents paid for by hillary, a phony dossier. so my question is this. this to me as a crisis. if we don't get this right, the country that we love, it's over. we don't survive. >> i will tell you it's actually worse. the thinking was we will have a press that supports america, not that it would become a propaganda operation, for the democrat party or any particular
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party, and that is what has happened. we want the american people to understand that the press in this country really, really as bad. and they accuse donald trump, you have jim acosta putting out a book with this hyper press release, that we've never seen anything like this before, and i want the people to understand something. trump hasn't done at darn thing to the media. and, they said let's look at history, perspective is important. john adams shut down newspapers and put reporters in prison who criticize him. over 300 newspapers were shut down and journals were put in prison. woodrow wilson had his own act,
6:41 pm
as a way of pushing censorship, and entire censorship operation. he put not only reporters in prison, he put political opponents in prison. franklin roosevelt picked up where wilson left left off. he used the irs against certain publishers who were anti-the new deal and also to shut down opposition groups. so we have been bradley who was very, very close to john kennedy and was fed information to john kennedy. this president has been enormously passive when it comes to official actions and the media. and the media using him as a target and attacking him and trying to undermine him. the media have thrown him with the big government types. they threw in with a rogue
6:42 pm
intelligence service. they through and with a rogue tea party. now they are throwing in with a rogue congress that want you to go back to taxes and, i'm saying freedom of the press is what is in our constitution. it's what we have a right to. freedom of the press is not what we have, we have on freedom of the press. they all sing alike, they all talk alike, they all push the same agenda. they hate every serving and they are undermining this republic. they are burdening this presidency. it's a disgrace. >> sean: thanks so much for being with us. a lot more to get to come up very important update breaking out of chicago, jussie smollett is now a free man. lawrence jones is in the streets of the windy city and they will see what they think about smollett getting not free past and we will show you that tape
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>> sean: jussie smollett a hate crime hope saga just continues. charges have been dropped against the actor but now the city of chicago is seeking $130,000 from jussie to pay back some of the expenses for investigating his report of the attack. what do they think of this alleged hoax and miscarriage of justice that followed and whether or not there should be federal charges that follow? >> the verdict came out on the jussie smollett case and they decided to drop the charges. how do you feel about it? >> robbed. >> i think they were too quick to judge him, i believe him. >> it's a dumb crime, i don't think you should go to jail for it but i think it was a waste of
6:48 pm
public resources. >> should he have to pay the money back? >> i think so, yes. >> line to a person or lying about of something happening to you, you should have serious consequences. >> there are people dying in chicago. they put a lot of money -- >> i think he should be made to pay it back. all these resources were taken away. the detectives, all these detectives, it was used on a lie. and you said -- >> it is ridiculous. >> i think the case should have moved ahead to come justice has not been done in this case. >> what about the resources? >> a huge, huge waste of time. >> people who live here, who depend on police resources for their safety are very angry about it. >> my kid's father was killed on
6:49 pm
the south side of chicago. still an unsolved case. all these resources that we have out there that could have been allocated to unsolved homicides and things that are happening in the city, then you have somebody coming in and making things up like this. >> joining us now, thomas paine's common sense and other writings, alan dershowitz and a host of "whistle-blower. former circuit judge alex for rare. good to see you. i'm going to impress a harvard professor right now. the guide and dictates of one's conscious there would be no other need for any other lawmaker. that not being the case, government and its best case is a necessary evil and in its worst state an intolerable one. professor, i see a smile. maybe i will get a decent grade on this one today but, thomas
6:50 pm
paine, i've read his writings and common sense is a must for every american. >> absolutely, and he got it right. we do need laws and the laws require that people be held accountable if they make false charges deliberately against people. now i don't know the facts in the case and it's possible that the evidence doesn't justify a prosecution but, that's not what the prosecutor said. the prosecutor said this wasn't a serious crime, it wasn't a crime of violence. it is a crime of violence and let me tell you why. if you accuse people of committing a violent crime against you you missed the possibility that people will be falsely arrested, who will resisting arrest and then will be injured or killed by the police. when you provoke violence in this way by claiming you are a victim of violence, you have committed an extremely, extremely serious crime. we live in an age where there are many false accusations out there and people who willfully
6:51 pm
and deliberately accuse others of serious crimes have to be brought to justice. otherwise the system just doesn't work. >> professor, you cannot explain that any more seriously than you have. and by the way, it happens. look at judge cavanaugh, a look at clarence thomas. look at robert bork. they rest the judgment all the time the media. do you notice that professor dershowitz, the harvard professor with great esteem as he has failed to even give me minor consideration for quoting common sense perfectly? >> i have for one was impressed. i cried and laughed. >> sean: thank you judge. thank you judge, no thank you professor. >> you get the a+. you have to get the gray to come up the greatest coming in the mail. it's an a+ absolutely.
6:52 pm
>> i'm so interested in this, dying to see your book on it. >> one of the things that i was interested about what they said was the lack of resources in chicago. people -- i don't think they really realize how stressed and stretched out the police department is in chicago. last year chicago police investigated 561 murders, and to put that in perspective that's about twice as many as in new york. more than new york and los angeles combined and that is after they reduce them by 200. in 2016, there were over 700 homicides in chicago. you have to give credit to its chicago police, they brought the homicide rate down. or they would find bodies on the street riddled with bullets and they write it up as a person who died of lead poisoning. but either way, there's no way they have the money to put 12 or 24 detectives onto a fake crime created by some, you know, celebrity, who decides he wants
6:53 pm
to improve his name recognition so maybe he can get more money out of the producers of empire, because of millions they are paying him is not enough. i feel sorry for that woman who said that her child's father was killed and the police didn't have enough resources to do a proper investigation, and this $130,000 at least was wasted on it. the city of chicago demands they pay it within ten days and on the 11th day they should file a lawsuit. >> sean: thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. you are not going to believe congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is blaming, or who is she blaming. and we have an update on our friend, judge jeanine pirro, straight ahead. ♪ biopharmaceutical researchers.
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what a week. our villain of the day, congresswoman, alexandria cass yo cortez, playing her growing on favor ability on republicans
6:59 pm
and democrats on fox news. it is almost as if there is a directed far right machine with a whole cable news channel dedicated with maligning me. >> you have all the other channels that love and support you 24/7, 365. have you started to notice rather than defend these radical, socialist views, the congresswoman spends most of her time just blaming us for talking about them and exposing them about oil, gas, fossil fuel, as a combustion engine and getting rid of planes and cows, destroy the economy. before i go, i had promoted yesterday and today that judge jeanine pirro would be joining us tonight on the program. she had a serious family emergency come up, couldn't be with us. we always pray for her.
7:00 pm
that's all the time we have left. hope you have a great weekend. what a week this has been. we will never be the destroy trump, hate media mob. let not your heart be troubled. we'll see you monday. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from a very busy washington. big news from the attorney general. despite democrat claims of a cover up, bill barr is now saying that the full report will be released in just weeks. another narrative of the left is dead. we'll take you inside the mueller negotiations with donald trump's legal team. new details reveal why obstruction of justice was always going to be a nonstarter for the special counsel. plus, hate crime hoaxer, jesse smol plet -- smollett is about to be


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